1. What is METARISE?

As of May 2022, there are only about 30,000 monthly active developers in web3 - of the 30-odd million developers globally. This means that only 0.1% of developers work in web3, and this doesn’t account for other roles such as strategists, marketers, designers, and more.

The web3 talent shortage is a challenge for existing web3 networks, protocols, and projects but also represents a significant opportunity for talent builders, with web3 expected to grow at mid-double digit growth rates through to 2030. 

METARISE is a web3 education ecosystem, accelerator, and venture fund, focused on identifying, attracting, developing, and supporting the next generation of web3 talent and projects. 

Think of us as General Assembly meets Techstars, except with a tokenized business model where all contributors get to influence and share in the upside of what we’re collectively building.

We are on a mission to unlock the global talent pool and deploy it to transformational web3 use cases.

2. Why should we partner with you?

  1. We can find, attract, vet, and develop talent and projects for your network or protocol.  We do this through our education programs, hackathons, and accelerators.
  2. Since 2017, our team at Collective Campus has incubated 90 startups that have gone on to raise US$185M, and we've run 200 face-to-face workshops on early-stage startup building for over 10,000 people.
  3. Web3 startups that participate in our programs will also be considered for investment from our venture fund of between US$125,000 and US$250,000 per project.
  4. Program partners and participating startups will receive METARISE tokens. These give holders a percentage of our accelerator profits, exposure to our incubated startups' tokens, and passive income.
  5. Startups will be supported by an army of advocates, thanks to our token incentive aligned community of contributors, coaches, mentors, advisors, and startups.

3. How does your startup token pool work?

Every startup that participates in our programs will be asked to donate US$5,000 worth of its native token. 

This will go into a central pool, and will be re-distributed to accelerator stakeholders - startups, coaches and mentors, ecosystem funds, our contributors, advisors, and core team. 

If startups haven’t launched your token yet, that’s okay. We can enter into an agreement for this to take place upon launch. 

4. Do startups need to participate in the pool?

No. We can work on a pure grant and/or fee-for-service basis. In that case, startups won't be required to deposit tokens into our pool, and METARISE tokens will not be distributed to them and program sponsors.

5. Is there a fee to run a program?

Yes. Charging to run accelerators and hackathons is a core component of METARISE's revenue, and the fee varies depending on the program. However, per #4, we can run programs at cost with grant funding.

We accept payment in a combination of $/ETH, as well as your native tokens. We are also open to revenue-sharing models where it makes.

Should you opt in to our startup token pool, you will receive our native METARISE tokens for supporting our programs, giving you a share in our profit and exposure to our incubated startups.

6. I have more questions.

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