Attract the right talent and projects to your network, protocol, or project.


Web3 ecosystem development funds have billions of dollars to attract talent and projects - but money is one thing, finding and developing worthwhile projects and talent is another.

That's where we come in. 👇

METARISE is a community-owned web3 venture fund and accelerator, focused on identifying, attracting, developing, and supporting the next generation of web3 talent and projects.

We've been doing exactly this for almost a decade at Collective Campus, and have turned our attention to web3.

Think of us as General Assembly meets Techstars, except with a tokenized business model where all contributors get to share in the upside of what we’re collectively building.

Want to learn more? Check out our programs below.👇


Finding Product-Market Fit

Blockchain Development

Web3 Technology Stacks

Tokenomics Design

Business Model Design

Community Building

User Experience Design


Productivity and Workflow Management

Mental Health in Web3

Marketing and Customer Acquisition

Business Development and Sales

Capital Raising

Shaping Team Culture

Hiring and Firing


DAO & NFT Strategy

Boring but Important: Legal & Accounting



Learn more about our team of mentors and coaches here.


Want to attract projects to your network or protocol?

Have a specific geographic focus, web3 sector, or industry challenge in mind?

We can run a tailored scouting program for you.

This includes:

  • building a dedicated website and marketing collateral
  • identifying projects through various channels (paid and earned marketing, press, networks etc.)
  • performing outreach and recruiting startups and projects to apply (selling the opportunity)
  • evaluating applications
  • hosting a dedicated and branded pitch day, featuring the shortlisted applicants

We typically receive between 100 and 200 applicants to a program, depending on how specific the focus area is, and a program can be run and concluded in under 3 months from commencement.


If you're after a rapid talent and project recruitment exercise, we can run hackathon anywhere in the world, to find and develop ideas, and evangelize your ecosystem... fast!
Hackathons can be:

Remote or face-to-face

Market validation/business model-centric or technical/building-centric

Feature existing teams and projects or be public serendipitous exercises

Single day or multi-day

Challenge-based, track-based, or undefined (anything goes!)

Market Validation and Business Model Hackathons

Market failure is still the number one reason startups fail - building stuff nobody (or not enough people) want.

This hackathon is designed to rapidly define assumptions underpinning ideas, test them, learn, hone business models, and determine go/no-go decisions and next steps.

Determine Objectives

Determine Target Customer

Determine Problem and Solution

Determine Key Assumptions

Determine Key Metrics

Determine Prototypes

Define Target Test Users and Acquisition Strategy

Perform Testing with Prototypes

Learn and Iterate

Rinse and Repeat

Pitch Learnings and Next Steps

Technical / Building Web3 Hackathon 🚀

This is a build-centric hackathon where both existing, and teams formed on the day - comprising of both technical and non-technical talent get cracking on rapidly building out tools, infrastructure services, or applications to drive Web3 use cases for your network or protocol. 
This can be for the purpose of on-ramping new talent to web3, accelerating the ideas of existing teams, or for rapidly identifying and testing new ideas, leveraging elements of design thinking and the lean startup.


The METARISE accelerator differentiates itself with its distributed ownership and rewards model.

Ecosystem funds that sponsor a program - be it accelerator, startup scouting, hackathon, or training - will be rewarded with our native $MRISE tokens, which will give your fund exposure to all startup token pool (we aim to incubate 200-250 startups over five years) and a share in our profit.


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