Gain exposure to a diverse portfolio of vetted high-growth web3 startups, backed by a community of mentors and coaches.


Web3 has a talent problem.
Only 0.1% of developers work in web3, not to mention everyone else that turns a dream into reality.
Billions of dollars are being poured into ecosystem development funds to address this.
But money is one thing - finding talent and developing worthwhile projects is another.
With web3 expected to grow at about 50% CAGR through to 2030, this presents a huge opportunity for talent builders.

That's where we come in. 👇

METARISE is a web3 venture fund and community-owned accelerator, focused on identifying, attracting, developing, and supporting the next generation of web3 talent and projects. 

We've been doing exactly this for almost a decade at Collective Campus, and now we're turning our attention to web3.

Think of us as General Assembly meets Techstars, except with a tokenized business model where all contributors get to share in the upside of what we’re collectively building. 

Want to learn more? Watch our short 5-minute pitch, read our FAQ, and view v0.1 of our deck below. 👇


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