Get funded, access our networks, get valuable advice, and improve your chances of successfully delivering on your mission.


Over 90% of startups fail.

The number one reason isn't a lack of funding, but a lack of market appetite for what's being built.

More often than not, having a great idea or a great team isn't enough - both funding and great execution is required.

METARISE is a web3 venture fund, accelerator, and education ecosystem designed to develop the next generation of web3 talent and projects looking to make a genuine difference in the world.

Since 2015, our team at Collective Campus has been running startup accelerator programs, incubating 90 startups and delivering hundreds of innovation and business-building workshops across the globe.

We're now turning our attention to the game-changing opportunity that is web3.

Learn more about who we are and what we do below, as well as our unique rewards model that gives your startup financial exposure to our portfolio and profits!


We partner with web3 network and protocol ecosystem funds, Government bodies, and startup associations, to run project-development accelerators designed to get projects from zero to one, fast.

Our accelerators run for between 6 to 12 weeks, and take place remotely.

In addition to weekly coaching and mentorship from both web3 and web2 thought leaders, you will tap into education on the following topics.

Finding Product-Market Fit

Blockchain Development

Web3 Technology Stacks

Tokenomics Design

Business Model Design

Community Building

User Experience Design


Productivity and Workflow Management

Mental Health in Web3

Marketing and Customer Acquisition

Business Development and Sales

Capital Raising

Shaping Team Culture

Hiring and Firing


DAO & NFT Strategy

Boring but Important: Legal & Accounting

Business Model Design



We will also be launching an Online Academy for web3 builders, as well as running regular sponsored bootcamps and hackathons, as part of our broader education ecosystem.


The METARISE venture fund is a US$10 million fund that invests in startup tokens.
We take stakes of between US$125,000 and US$250,000 in early-stage projects.
We have a preference for projects that come through our accelerator programs, but are open to investing in all promising web3 startups.

We're founder-friendly.

  • No ordering you what to do (we are here to answer questions, provide guidance where you need it, tell you where we think you're veering off course, and connect you with folks who can help your mission, but your decisions are ultimately yours to make and own)
  • No mandatory board seat
  • No liquidation preferences
  • You get to share in returns from our incubated startup token pool
  • We are a web3-native and community-owned accelerator with web3 ethos at our core


Web3 is about distributed ownership and rewards.

When you participate in our programs, you will receive METARISE tokens.

Holding these gives you a percentage of our profits as well as exposure to other startups that have also participated in our programs.

We do this by asking for a small amount of native tokens from all participating startups upon successful admission to our programs. These go into a central pool for redistribution to both participating startups and our broader ecosystem of coaches, mentors, and partners.


"If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants" - Isaac Newton

We've got world-class mentors and coaches on board from Animoca Brands, Dapper Labs, Enjin, InVision, Harmony Protocol, Lympo, and more, to help you get from zero to one.

Check out our ever-growing list of mentors here.


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