Bring us awesome talent. Get rewarded.

Do you fancy yourself an angel investor but don't have free cash flow to play with right now?

Are you well connected in the tech and web3 community?

Are you a startup builder who is thinking about getting into venture but need to establish a track record?

If so, you might be a perfect candidate for our scout program.


We have both a Venture Fund track and an Accelerator track.


If you refer early-stage web3 opportunities to us and we decide to invest, you will get:

• 10% of our carry (our carry is 20% of the profits made on an investment)


For example, if you refer a startup and we invest $500,000 at a post-money valuation of $5 million, our share is 10%.

Say the startup is worth $100 million in five years and we cash out of our position, assuming non-dilution, our 10% share would now be worth $10 million - a profit of $9.5 million. 80% of this profit would go back to our fund's limited partners, and we would take 20% or $1.9 million.

You would get 10% of this $1.9 million, or $190,000, simply for referring a startup our way.


If you know of an early-stage web3 startup that could benefit from incubation and acceleration, refer them to us, and we admit them into a program, you will get:

• a distribution of our native tokens and an ownership share in our startup token pool

Aside from being a store of value that we have engineered to be skewed towards appreciating over time, these tokens effectively represent an ownership stake in our accelerator DAO, and a percentage of distributions from our startup token pool.

Every startup that we incubate will be asked to pledge 2% of their tokens to our pool, which we will pro-rate distribute to token holders once distribution events are triggered.


For example, we are aiming to incubate about 200 startups over five years.
If each startup is worth, on average, $10 million in five years, that means $40 million of tokens will be sitting in our startup token pool (200 x $10M x 2%).

If your METARISE tokens are worth 0.1% of our total token supply, you will receive $40,000 (0.1 x $40 million).


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